We will do a comprehensive diagnostic check, looking for power issues, damaged parts, and even corroded wiring that might be compromising your truck’s performance.

Diagnostics takes experience and knowledge. Our technicians go far beyond the codes to discover the solution to your truck’s problems. Often codes are just the clue to finding exactly what is wrong.

Our team is sure to do more than just troubleshoot. We will find the appropriate solutions even if it requires in-depth observations and deeper than normal research, so you can have the peace of mind that your truck will be back at work serving your customers. We are here for all your repair and maintenance needs.

Our team can also come to you for both diagnostics and repairs. Our fully mobile team is ready.

Today’s diesel engine fault detection and diagnostic systems log and track data related directly to engine problems and sync with data related to preventative and predictive engine maintenance measures. Computer diagnostics provide sophisticated data interaction in the procedures of identifying the types, and the locations, of engine faults using multi-level signal processing techniques and correlate the targeted data with an exhaustive, predefined database.

Not all diesel engine problems can be positively identified, so computer diagnostic systems also provide warning signals for unidentified problems when they are detected. As technology evolves, a diagnostic database can be modified and updated to include new types of diesel engine faults, which in time, improves the diagnosis process wherein many of the previously unidentified problems are then able to be identified with precise solutions and the technician’s service procedure can then be applied directly to the problem with the appropriate repair and maintenance procedure.

Quick, fast, and accurate; three words that save you money and decrease your downtime.

Diesel engine and diesel truck service and repair that is quick, fast, and accurate, saves you money and decreases your downtime. The technicians at Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service rely on these sophisticated computer diagnostic systems to get from fault to fix quicker than ever for fast and accurate repairs.