Image presents a picture of a mobile phone to promote your ability to Call 971-832-0739 to get mobile roadside and side of highway emergency diesel pickup and semi-tractor repair in Oregon with a technician and service truck dispatch for emissions, diesel engine, transmission, turbocharger, brakes, hydraulic hoses and diagnostics.

Stranded? Do you need on-site maintenance or repairs?

For onsite or mobile roadside repair service, call (971) 832-0739

Cummins Automotive & Diesel can bring the work to you. Anything we do in the shop we can also do remotely with our mobile service team. We can even do a complete engine overhaul in chassis. Contact us today for roadside service or job site maintenance. We will meet you where you need us most.

Oregon Area Served With Mobile, Roadside & Onsite Auto, Truck & Diesel Repair Service

Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service serves most of Oregon with mobile, roadside and onsite service, dispatching mechanics and service trucks to repair your auto or truck, diesel or commercial semi truck from Sherwood and Portland, Oregon to Astoria, Biggs, Bend, La Pine, Eugene, Roseburg and Coos Bay.

Image is a picture of the mobile, roadside repair service truck of Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service Truck, in Sherwood, Oregon and serving  Portland all of Oregon with diesel emissions, engine rebuild or overhaul, performance upgrades, and more.