Mercedes Benz MBE 900 Diesel Engine Problems & Repair

Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service can repair your Mercedes Benz MBE 900 diesel engine if you experience any of the following, or other, problems with the trucks in your Thomas Built fleet or with the trucks in your Freightliner medium duty fleet.

Mercedes Benz MBE 900 SPN Engine Code

A specific SPN can be a clue to a worn out turbocharger in the MBE 900 diesel engine, leading experienced technicians to look in a certain repair direction and test for verification. Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service can check your engine’s turbo boost, look for exhaust leaks, pressure check the charge air cooler, check hoses and clamps and look for soot tracks around the exhaust system.

Checking the turbocharger end play can provide a definitive answer regarding turbocharger failure if the end play is excessive, indicating a worn out thrust washer. The end play tolerance on a turbocharger is minuscule so wear that causes end play can progress toward causing contact between the compressor and turbine wheels rotating at high speed. Checking for, and discovering, excessive end play can save an operator from catastrophic turbocharger failure. If end play progresses too far without repair or replacement, it is possible for a turbocharger to blow apart, sending pieces circulating through the intake and exhaust system.

If your turbocharger requires replacement, it can be a good time to also install a new exhaust manifold gasket, especially if your engine has already provided many years of exhaust leak-free service. Replacing an old gasket will help ensure a proper seal to avoid another exhaust leak anytime in the near future.

Image presents Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service who provides ASE certified mechanic solutions for Mercedes Benz MBE 900 diesel engine problems with diagnostics, expert repair and professional maintenance.

White Exhaust From Mercedes Benz MBE 900 Diesel Engine & The EGR Cooler

Many earlier Thomas Built truck fleets have the Mercedes MBE 900 diesel engine which incorporates an EGR cooler. If a truck with the MBE 900 begins to emit white smoke from the exhaust pipe, the EGR cooler may need to be checked as a possible contributing factor.

The EGR cooler is an essential component of this diesel engine. The EGR cooler controls the amount of exhaust that transfers from the exhaust system into the intake system. With cooled exhaust being directed to the air intake, the design of the system reduces nitrogen oxide. While the EGR cooler reduces emissions its design also means raw exhaust, the most contaminated part of combustion, is delivered to the engine intake where increased soot levels contaminate the manifold, valves and sensors.

White exhaust can sometimes be a sign that an EGR cooler has reached the end of its service life, due to excessive wear, and has begun to allow coolant into the intake. If this occurs, the coolant entering the intake is likely burning and exhibiting the tell tale sign of white smoke from the exhaust pipe.

Image presents Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service who provides ASE certified mechanic solutions for Mercedes Benz MBE 900 diesel engine problems with diagnostics, expert repair and professional maintenance.

Mercedes Benz MBE 900 Valve Cover Assembly

An engine code indicating the electrostatic oil separator can provide direction in what to look for and test. If the separator fills up, it will no longer operate properly. In normal and proper operation, it will separate liquids from vapor and recirculate oil to the crankcase while returning the vapors to the intake. If blockage occurs, Cummins Automotive & Diesel Serice can look at your separator as well as your valve cover assembly. Getting this fixed soon will help decrease the chance of further digression of the entire emissions system.

Mercedes Benz MBE 900 DPF Out Of Range Codes

If codes at the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) are out of range, Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service can look at possible pressure or temperature differentials between the filter’s outlet and inlet. Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service can also look at the DPF filter, itself, as well as sensors and hoses integral to the system. If your Mercedes MBE 900 diesel engine has faulty or plugged sensors or hoses, getting them cleaned, repaired or replaced can keep your engine running at optimal performance. Key performance factors can be as simple as keeping the emission system clean with regular inspection, maintenance and cleaning. Clean valves, sensors and filters can help to ensure your diesel engine runs smoothly while avoiding engine performance problems.

Image presents Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service who provides ASE certified mechanic solutions for Mercedes Benz MBE 900 diesel engine problems with diagnostics, expert repair and professional maintenance.

The following excerpt, from the Mercedes-Benz Power MBE900 brochure, describes the technology of the MBE 900 diesel engine.

The cast iron engine block design was optimized for maximum strength and minimum weight. The seven main bearings maintain uniform support throughout for the crankshaft, and by doing so, prolong its life span.

Very short fuel lines between the individual pumps and injectors present less chance of developing leaks, less maintenance over the long haul.

Molded rubber gaskets fit into integrated machined channels for virtually leakproof joints.

Spiral-geared camshaft and gear-driven oil pump and air compressor for long life and low noise levels.

Top piston ring has special chrome alloy coating for extreme durability and low oil consumption.

Engine parts are designed for maximum recyclability.

Replaceable intake and exhaust valve seat inserts and guides reduce maintenance costs on overhauls.

Electronic throttle pedal allows for precise control with less effort.

Standard anti-theft feature guards against unauthorized use of the vehicle.

Oil pressure and coolant levels are monitored constantly by an on-board computer that signals malfunctions on items needing maintenance.

Electronically controlled cooling fan ensures quiet operation, efficient engine cooling and improved fuel economy.

Electronic engine control ensures perfect engine management under all driving conditions and provides for individual adjustments to maintain performance over time.

The oil and fuel filters are positioned upright in front of the engine for easy access.

An advanced engine protection system, including standard idle shutdown, helps avoid engine damage.

15,000- to 20,000-mile* oil change levels reduce operation costs (based on in-city versus highway driving)

Electrically controlled injectors feature a unit pump injection system with injection pressure up to 23,200 psi, creating clean combustion and precise fuel supply. Injectors are centrally located over each piston. Connecting rods feature a new “precision” separation design of cap and rod for optimum fit and better material stress management.

Gear-driven air compressor has 50 percent less power consumption than typical compressors, leaving more power for driving and helping to reduce fuel bills.

The engine breathes better with three valves per cylinder. An optional fourth valve acts as a decompression valve, aiding in braking performance, which reduces brake wear.

The advanced-design turbocharger, wastegated on high-horsepower engines, responds to the throttle quickly for rapid acceleration and superb drivability.

Individual unit pump injectors are easier to replace and cost less than complex, single in-line pumps.

The engine starts quickly in temperatures down to -5° F. An optional grid heater provides easy starting in extreme temperatures below -5° F.

Cylinder bores are induction-hardened around the upper piston ring area. When combined with special coatings on the rings themselves, overall wear and tear is minimized.

Engine management computer converts sensor data into precise instructions for the fuel injection and engine control systems.

Electronic engine control features data logging to optimize maintenance activities.

Maintenance-free, durable, single poly V-belt drive with automatic tensioning.

Cruise control provides driving ease, and a dual road speed limiter optimizes driver control for safe use of the vehicle and reduced fuel consumption.

The MBE900 engine complies with all EPA/CARB emission regulations, with six engine ratings LEV-certified.

MBE900 engines run quieter, keeping noise emissions to a minimum.

MBE900 engines idle at a mere 600 rpm–less than rivals–resulting in quieter running and improved fuel economy.

Engine electronics are protected to prevent unauthorized tampering with engine operating parameters.

High injection pressure with eight-hole nozzle optimizes combustion of fuel/air mixture, reducing emissions.

Every component and part is built to extremely tight tolerances, so the parts fit perfectly every time.

Unique piston pin design spreads loads on piston and connecting rod for greater durability.

Carbon/plastic electrical cover reduces EMI emissions.

Power steering gear is mounted on the left side of the engine to simplify hose routing.

The engine is rebuildable, with dry sleeves if necessary.

A standard maintenance monitor signals when service is due, reducing the chance the engine will miss important service intervals.

High-torque rise at low rpm is ideal for use with automatic transmissions.

An integral engine oil cooler keeps lubricant temperatures low, promoting longer bearing and component life, and the internal design reduces the potential for oil leaks.

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