We, at Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service, rub shoulders with so many company truck drivers and truck owner-operators that we get what you are up against. Your stories tell us how difficult and demanding the trucking business can be. You have lists of regulations to keep up with, poor service from repair and service technicians, dispatchers that many times want to make your schedule fit into impossible time frames, and a few police officers who are just not pleasant to encounter.

You run into being overcharged for services whether they be truck repairs, laundry, parking fees, or licensing fees, and it all gets on your nerves. You can challenge these, knowing they are computer system related or technicalities which you can prove are inaccurate, but eventually there is neither the time nor the energy to challenge them.

Few people know, and of those who do know, few appreciate how hard you work and how dog tired you can become. Companies you deliver for are all about load scheduled deadlines and rarely consider your body’s need for adequate sleep and rest from hours behind the wheel. We won’t even get into accommodations, and the lack thereof, for emergencies, family or otherwise.

Trucks and trailers are prone to breakdowns that throw wrenches into your schedule. Worse yet, falling asleep in the cab cruising 65 mph down the highway is a real possibility. Should you get into an accident, you’ve got potential injuries to other parties, damage to your truck and to other vehicles; and there is the real possibility someone can die.

These types of trucking experiences can be real eye openers. Is it worth it? Why do I do this? Can I keep this up? Those are some of the questions your mind runs you through. Many times you may have ventured down the line of thought where you start thinking of other jobs or professions you can get into.

Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service salutes you and the dedicated determination you bring to long haul, delivering the goods that we all rely upon for life. Thank you for your service. When we repair or service your truck, we will give you the best service possible, do our best to finish in a timely manner and accommodate you as best we can; all with the desire to serve you and get you back on the road fast.