Image presents a semi-truck fleet to promote Cummins Automotive & Diesel Truck Fleet Maintenance Service in Oregon, from the Bend central Oregon area, to the Eugene and Florence area, north to Astoria, Portland and The Dalles, Oregon areas.


Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service will maintain your commercial motor vehicle fleet of cars, vans, trucks, specialist vehicles such as mobile construction machinery as well as trailers and private vehicles used for work purposes.

Fleet Management is a function that allows companies that rely on transportation in business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment; improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs while providing 100% compliance with government legislation (duty of care).

Nearly one hundred corporate fleets and companies in the Pacific Northwest depend on us to keep their trucks and autos running with reliability and safety.

Benefits of Fleet Maintenance With Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service

  • Trusted team for all your repair and scheduled maintenance needs
  • Scheduled shop time ensures you have vehicles on the road at all times
  • Guaranteed compliance regulations
  • Fuel and resource efficiencies (tires, oil changes and supplies)
  • Scheduled service of proper engine and systems checks
  • Reliable service with Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service as a trusted business partner
  • Safety for you, your team and your customers by having fleets consistently maintained
  • Regular, preventative maintenance means lower, overall repair costs
  • Service tailored to your fleet’s vehicle needs, operation schedule and work requirements

Paying attention to the diagnostic parameters across an entire fleet of trucks is important in fleet maintenance. Monitoring fleet behaviors is similar to managing a fleet of electrical transformers wherein maintenance crews observe and record the behavior of all of the transformers to arrive at an approximate, relied upon fleet behavior, which serves as the baseline from which variant transformer behaviors stick out.

Owners and operators of truck fleets desire optimal uptime from their fleets. It is preferred that the maintenance of a truck is scheduled with a length of intervals as long as possible. The preference for longer maintenance intervals makes it doubly important, during maintenance reviews, to be able to detect if a component in a specific truck is not functioning properly early in the component’s expected efficiency lifespan. Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service technicians rely on effective computer diagnostics as the baseline fault detection scheme for monitoring individual truck changes compared to the detected parameters observed in the entire fleet of trucks. If a truck deviates from the fleet population’s parameters, the individual truck undergoes diagnostics testing for the component in question.

Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service has been providing commercial truck and auto fleet maintenance for more than a decade. Our customers appreciate our skill, honesty and our dedication in standing behind every repair with our guarantee. We look forward to maintaining your fleet and developing a close relationship with you that will stand the test of time.