Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service provides expert transmission repair, diagnostics and replacement for both manual and automatic transmissions. Manual transmission repair and service of Allison and Eaton Fuller Roadranger Gearbox. Automatic transmission repair and service of Allison, Eaton and Meritor FAT 30.

Image presents Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service transmission repair of manual and automated Allison, Eaton Fuller and Meritor transmissions.

Eaton Fuller Heavy Duty Manual Transmissions

Eaton Fuller heavy duty manual transmissions include gear boxes with 9 to 18 speeds.
Convertible 9 to 13
FR Series
Fuller Advantage Series Manual
Versatile 15-Speed

Eaton Fuller Medium Duty Manual Transmissions

Eaton Fuller medium duty manual transmissions provide faster and smoother shifting with all synchronized gears.
Fuller 5 & 6-Speed Transmissions
6-Speed Synchronized Transmissions (GCW 28 tons)
6-Speed Synchronized Transmissions (GCW 33 tons)
9-Speed Synchronized Transmissions (GCW 40-60 tons)

Eaton Fuller Light Duty Manual Transmissions

Eaton Fuller light duty manual transmissions are designed for commercial and passenger vehicle applications.
5-Speed Synchronized Transmission (GCW 15.5 tons)
5- & 6-Speed Synchronized Transmissions (GCW 5.5 tons)

Eaton Fuller Auxiliary Transmissions

Eaton Fuller auxiliary transmissions are two-speed, high reduction transmissions.
Fuller 2-A-92
Fuller AT-1202

Eaton Fuller Heavy Duty Automated Transmissions

Eaton Fuller heavy duty automated transmissions are commercial vehicle automated transmissions for road and off-road applications.
Fuller Advantage Series Automated
UltraShift PLUS LSE
UltraShift PLUS MHP / MXP / VXP
UltraShift PLUS VCS / VMS

Eaton Fuller Medium Duty Automated Transmissions

Eaton Fuller medium duty automated transmissions provide better affordability and serviceability.
UltraShift PLUS PV

Allison Transmissions

  • Allison Transmission 3000 Series
  • Allison Transmission 3414 Regional Haul Series (RHS) Automatic Transmission
  • Tractor Sector automatic transmissions with Continuous Power Technology, Prognostics, Standard and Alternate Reverse, Additional Speeds and FuelSense 2.0.
  • Distribution Sector fully automated transmissions with Continuous Power Technology, Prognostics, FuelSense® 2.0 and Shift Energy Management.
  • Construction Sector transmissions with Continuous Power Technology, Power Take-Off (PTO) Enabled, PTO Delete Option, Prognostics, Oil Level Sensor, 2nd Reverse, Deep Oil Pan/Sump and FuelSense® 2.0.
  • Transit + City Truck Sector fully automatic transmissions with Continuous Power Technology, Prognostics, Retarder Benefits, Secondary Shift Schedule, Direction Change Enabled, Auxiliary Function Range Inhibit, Shift Energy Management, FuelSense 2.0, xFE and Hybrid.

Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service can repair your Allison transmission model

Highway Series
Motorhome Series
Off-Road Series
Oil Field Series
Regional Haul Series
Rugged Duty Series
Specialty Series
Truck RV Series

Allison Transmission powers vehicles in the industries of agriculture, coach, construction, defense, distribution, energy, fire & emergency, mining, municipal & utility services, port services, refuse, RV motorhomes and school truck, specialty, tractor and transit & city truck. If you have need of transmission repair for a vehicle in one of these industries (except defense, fire, emergency, or transit), please call Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service for service or repair.

Allison ReTran®

Factory Spec Allison Remanufactured Transmissions

Save money, but don’t short yourself on quality.

Allison Transmission manufactures their previously used transmissions from the ground up at the Allison Transmission remanufacturing facility. In their process of screening to determine the quality of their used transmission parts before possible reuse, they disassemble the transmissions part-by-part to clean, test and grade each component to verifiably determine if it is sound for reuse.

When a used part fails Allison’s meticulous quality screening process, they outfit the ReTran® with genuine, new and exclusive Allison parts. Allison Transmission guarantees that every part and every process associated with an Allison ReTran® is 100% authentic. Only Allison ReTran® remanufactured transmissions undergo their proprietary dynamometer testing to ensure they exactly meet the original factory specs.

The fact that the quality of each used component included in the reman transmission is tested to meet new transmission specs means you get a more reliable and dependable remanufactured transmission. It’s the Allison promise you get with your authentic Allison ReTran®.

Meritor Auxiliary Transmission

Meritor’s FAT-30 Auxiliary Transmission

Heavy duty and extreme duty commercial and industrial vehicles require an auxiliary transmission for on and off-highway applications. Whether logging, mining, heavy haul, oil field or military, Meritor’s FAT-30 auxiliary transmission handles 30,000 foot-pounds (40,675 Nm) of input torque, the highest torque rating in the industry at twice the capacity of comparable products.

The FAT-30 is equipped with durable cast-iron housing, with traditional transfer case mounting, and it includes planetary gearing for smooth, quiet operation in a compact footprint. It is designed with a stay-cool, advanced cooling system to prevent overheating. The extreme duty configuration keeps the box in the frame even in severe and intense conditions over extended periods of time.

Get the FAT-30 with its ratio spread that allows for a broad performance range; from high reduction, rough off-road use to on-highway, extreme, heavy hauls at highway speeds while maintaining fuel economy with reduced wear in overdrive.

The Meritor FAT-30 auxiliary transmission is ideal for use on trucks and machinery in construction, utility, defense and heavy haul.

Ratio Spread: Direct 1.00:1, Underdrive 2.50:1, Overdrive 0.86:1

Drivetrain Component Repair & Service

While your truck is in the shop, Cummins can also check and service or repair the other major components of your drivetrain including hubs, clutch, flywheel, driveline, u-joints (universal joints), differential, axles and wheel seals.

Drivetrain repair and service options available to customers range from minimal repair or upgrade to full system replacement including fluid levels check, replacement of worn drivetrain components, partial rebuilds, complete rebuild, complete transmission overhaul and complete clutch repair to complete differential repair. Sometimes it is possible to install new, factory drivetrain parts to replace only those which are worn or it may be possible to order a new, complete, factory manufactured drivetrain system.

Symptoms, Clues To Transmission & Drivetrain Trouble

  • Funny Noises
  • Clunking, humming or whining noise
  • Noise comes and goes, surges or slowly increases and decreases in a somewhat routine or predictable, repetitive cadence
  • Intermittent noise
  • Noise while in Neutral
  • Funny vibration
  • Intermittent vibration
  • Shimmy, shaking or grinding sensation
  • Sudden, abnormally low level of fluid
  • A smell like something is burning
  • Smoke billowing, coming from a wheel (rim) or fender well
  • Vehicle does not respond while in gear
  • Gear selector is stuck in one gear or one drive position
  • Vehicle motion does not respond smoothly, or normally, when in gear and power is applied
  • Noticeable lack of power
  • Noticeably slower than usual acceleration with normal gas pedal application
  • Decrease in fuel mileage efficiency whether sudden or progressively decreasing over a period of time