Image presents a diagram of diesel engine emissions systems to promote Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service for Oregon, who can service your intake, exhaust, air muffler, and selective catalytic reduction, SCR, for your semi truck and heavy duty pickup diesel engine emissions control systems.

Diesel Emissions Service Oregon with Cummins Automotive & Diesel service is here to professionally take care of all your diesel particulate filter equipment maintenance and emissions compliance needs, providing you with ensured compliance when it comes to meeting important industry guidelines and regulations.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in diesel engine emissions make us your choice for emissions related maintenance, diesel particulate filter cleaning and OEM replacement. Our repair shop and our mobile dispatch repair truck specialize in general diesel repair as well.

Our shop and mobile roadside repair service truck are well equipped to tackle any diesel truck emissions service, maintenance, and repair work, for your school truck, On-Road commercial diesel truck, medium duty commercial trucks, municipal diesel trucks, and medium or heavy duty pickup trucks.

School Truck Diesel Emissions Service

There is no reason to have a school truck that does not efficiently reduce emissions. Our diesel emissions service can perform DPF cleaning for engine model school trucks with emissions systems for CARB & EPA standards compliance. Our diesel emissions service is an expert CARB and EPA emissions repair facility, so you can trust that our diesel emissions service on your school truck will be effective.

Get in touch with the Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service’s diesel emissions service technicians in Sherwood, Oregon. We can provide DPF cleaning, maintenance, OEM replacement, and more on all types of school trucks to keep their emissions systems running clean.

On-Road Commercial Truck Diesel Emissions Service

The Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service shop’s diesel emissions service keeps your On-Road diesel trucks running efficiently with effective emissions reduction. If you need DPF cleaning, maintenance, or OEM emissions replacement, our experience and diagnostics knowledge make us the leading choice in Oregon. Get your DPF filters cleaned at regular intervals, once a year or more. We can thermally clean your DPF to keep your aftertreatment system clean.

Our diesel emissions service can keep your CARB & EPA components compliant with emissions regulations. Call us for diesel emissions service in Sherwood, Oregon, whether it be On-Road diesel truck DPF cleaning, DEF maintenance, or DOC troubleshooting.

Municipal Truck Fleet Diesel Emissions Service

We can keep your municipal truck fleet, delivery trucks and life safety response trucks diesel emissions service maintenance requirements on schedule. Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service’s diesel emissions service can help you stay compliant with strict standards and confusing requirements by managing your emissions and aftertreatment systems. If you need DPF cleaning, maintenance, or OEM emissions replacement, our experience and diagnostics knowledge make us the best choice in Oregon.

Call today to get our experienced diesel emissions service technicians to service your CARB & EPA emissions compliant components. Our diesel emissions service shop in Sherwood, Oregon, will keep your municipal truck fleet running efficiently with DPF cleaning, SCR maintenance, and DEF service.