Call (971) 832-0739 for roadside repair dispatch

Cummins Automotive & Diesel Service specializes in mobile roadside diesel truck, RV & bus repair for individual owners and company fleets. With years of experience and an established history of trusted service, we offer mobile roadside dispatch service for diesel fleet maintenance and roadside breakdowns with fluid checks, leak repairs, glow plug maintenance, fuel injection diagnostics, diesel diagnostics, emissions, components replacement, and complete diesel engine rebuilds and overhauls. 

Diesel engines are made to perform for years while doing heavy duty work with reliability in demanding conditions, whether over the road, at the construction site, or down home on the farm. From fluid checks to leak repairs, glow plug maintenance, fuel injection diagnostics, and parts replacements to complete engine overhauls; we can do the job at any location that is convenient for you.

Your truck is a trusted tool and you can trust Cummins to keep it running smoothly.

Image presents a picture of a mobile phone to promote your ability to Call 971-832-0739 to get mobile roadside and side of highway emergency diesel pickup and semi-tractor repair in Oregon with a technician and service truck dispatch for emissions, diesel engine, transmission, turbocharger, brakes, hydraulic hoses and diagnostics.